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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

The protection of your private information is very important to us. This Privacy Policy outlines the steps and methods we use to collect, store and retain important data. We do not and will not ever share, sell, rent or by any other means give your personal information to any third party except as outlined in this Policy. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our Terms of Use.

Collection and Usage of Information

We collect and use information to help us keep the site secure and operating within normal parameters; to maintain the functionality of user accounts, including to help you stay logged in; to protect against hacking, spam and fraud; to help improve our services; to comply with legal requirements and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; and to personalise content.

Personal Information Collected

When you create an account on Megadumpload, we store various of your personal information such as your name and email address. These may be displayed in your online profile in accordance with your preference settings. We may send you the occasional email related to the operation of this website and your account. We will not send you any marketing emails or newsletters unless you specifically opt-in to receive them.

Metadata in Content

When you post content such as articles or comments, metadata related to that content is generated and stored that may include your username, date of publishing, and other data related to the content. This metadata may be publicly viewed, and may be collected by search engines.

Other Information in Posted Content

All other information included within your content may also be viewed publicly so please post responsibly. We respect and protect your privacy, and you must also do the same for our other members.

Invitations and Referrals

If you send an invitation or referral request to another person, we may track the invitation or referral link in order to properly provide any referral reward or incentive as may be available at the time. This is also done to prevent abuse of the referral system.

Web Browser Cookies

When you visit our website, a small data file known as a cookie is stored locally on your computer or device. The cookie allows you to stay logged in, and improves your use and navigation of our site. The cookie does not collect or store your personal information, but it may store information about your browsing history and IP address in order to help improve our website. You may disable cookie usage, in which case, some functions of the website may not work properly, and your experience may be degraded.

Advertising and Third Party Websites

Our website may include links, banners and images linked to advertising and third party websites, each of which can have their own Privacy Policies and cookies. You should make yourself aware of those policies and cookie settings when you visit such sites.

Google Analytics

We may use Google Analytics to track usage of our website. Please visit and make yourself aware of their Privacy Policy.

Other Log Files

Our server automatically logs all calls or visits to a web page. Te information collected can include your IP address, browser type, referring and exit pages, pages viewed, etc. Information collected in the log files is only viewable to us and our web host.

How we Share Information

We share your personal information only to the extent that is required in order to provide full functionality of this website and its associated services, including advertising and analytics. For such services, we only share information that is required in order for the services to operate correctly.

While we are very careful about the websites we share your information with, we cannot control how they use the information provided.

We do not receive payment for sharing your information. In the case of advertisers, we are paid for the actual number of ads displayed, clicks on ads, referral commissions, or product sales.

If you opt-in to receive newsletters or other content from us, your information such as name, email address, etc may be shared with a third party for the purpose of providing the newsletter or content service.

We may be required to share your information with law enforcement agencies in the event of an investigation.

Information Related to Persons Under the age of 13

We do not intentionally collect any information related to persons under the age of 13. Any persons under the age of 13 are advised to seek the help of an adult before using this website. Any parent or custodian of a person under the age of 13 is advised to contact us immediately if they suspect we may be holding information related to that person, in order for the information to be removed.

How we Protect Your Information

We use various security measures and technologies to protect your personal information. In the event of any suspected or actual data breach, we will attempt to notify you.

How to Access and Change Your Information

You may view, change or delete the information we hold about you by sending a message through our contact page at

Notification of Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page as soon as is practicable.

*This page was last updated on 31st May 2021.

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