Free Pancake Faucet

FreePancake is a manual claim faucet that provides a random claim amount every hour. It incorporates an offerwall for increased earning opportunities and allows the user to complete shortlinks to clear the claim timer to zero. Withdraw to a BSC/BEP20 wallet.

Claim 9000 Sats of CAKE every 60 Minutes
Has dice multiplier game: No
Earn from PTC ads: No
Earn from shortlinks: Yes
Earn watching videos: No
Earn playing games: No
Earn doing surveys: No
Earn from offerwalls: Yes
Pays interest on balance: No
Requires KYC: No
Withdraw to your own wallet: Yes
Micro-wallets supported: No
Minimum withdrawal: 0.30000000 CAKE
Faucet Claim Button
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