The Top Ten best Keto foods for Permanent Weight Loss

Ten best keto foods for permanent weight loss

The best keto foods for long term success and permanent weight loss may not be what you expect. Diets are expected to be grueling torturous regimes that deprive people of happiness and the foods they love. That isn’t the case with the keto diet. Losing weight with keto is easy, and involves eating a range of delicious foods that people want to eat. In fact, the best keto foods are those with a high fat content, which is generally the tasty ones. In this article we take a look at ten of the best keto foods that are guaranteed to appeal to your inner food fan.

Best Keto Foods

These foods should be at the core of your keto diet

  1. Avocados
  2. Pork
  3. Eggs
  4. Cheese
  5. Greek yoghurt
  6. Fish
  7. Green vegetables
  8. Nuts and seeds
  9. Chicken
  10. Coconut oil
  11. Bonus – Olive oil, berries and cream. You’re welcome!


Your green skinned keto superhero

A is for avocado. This unique fruit is packed full of unsaturated fats, and is at the top of our list of best keto foods. With its delicious, delicate flavor and smooth texture, the avocado combines yumminess with amazing health benefits. Avocados can help to lower LDL cholesterol, and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Avocados provide vitamins B6, C, K, E as well as niacin, potassium, folate, magnesium, beta carotene and fatty acids. Whether you eat an avocado as a pure snack in its natural form, or crush the pulp and season for a scrummy guacamole, there is no denying the instant attraction of this timeless high fat gem.


This tasty meat is one of the best keto foods

Pork is another great addition to our list of best keto foods because of its delicious flavor and high fat content. Roasted or grilled, pork forms the basis of many outstanding, nutritious keto-friendly recipes so make sure some juicy cutlets are on your meal plan. Glazed with an olive oil or coconut oil based dressing, and served with juicy greens, a pork meal is satisfying and full of goodness.

Pork is one of the best keto foods


Packed with nutrition for a healthy body

The humble egg is one of nature’s treasures, and should definitely be on your shopping list. For best results from your keto diet, plan on eating anywhere from four to six eggs a day. They have a low carb count and moderate amounts of protein and fat which makes them an ideal ingredient in salads.. Boiled eggs combined with a dollop of full fat mayonnaise and seasoning make a great snack.


The tastiest dairy product is one of the best keto foods

Cheese is the king of the dairy category, and comes in many varieties from sharp to subtle. Cheese is naturally high in fat, making it the perfect companion for other keto foods such as eggs and green vegetables. Parmesan, blue cheese, goat cheese – these are all high in fat and very low in carbs as well as being incredibly tasty which makes them great additions to your mean plans. A smooth cheddar or creamy camembert are also excellent choices due to their luxurious texture and fine flavors..

Greek Yoghurt is one of the best keto foods

Slip this Greek goddess into your daily meal plan

Greek Yoghurt is a thick and creamy member of the dairy family, with a smooth texture and outstanding natural flavor. Unsweetened and organic varieties are ideal as both a snack and as the base for keto desserts and smoothies. About half a cup per day makes an appetizing treat so pop in a few berries and you have a winner. Look for Greek yoghurt brands with the highest fat and lowest sugar content and you’ll be on your way to achieving rapid weight loss.

Fish – the daily dish!

High fat and low carbs make fish one of the best keto foods

For a nutritious hero ingredient it is hard to go past a delicious slice of salmon or other fish. Fish is generally high in B vitamins, potassium and selenium, while containing little to no carbs. Fat and protein content are both high so make sure to complement your fish with a high fat coconut or olive oil-based sauce and crushed avocado. Absolute flavor perfection that adds great variety to your keto meal plan.

Green Vegetables

The leafy crunch that packs a keto punch!

Green leafy vegetables are an essential part of a keto diet because of their high levels of dietary fiber, which passes through the body virtually undigested. Cauliflower makes a great substitute for rice and pasta, and can even be used to create crunchy pizza bases! Lettuce, broccoli, spinach – all nutrient rich greens that will balance out your meals and provide a bit of zest. Avoid starchy vegetables such as potatoes and carrots as these are high in carbs. Onions are high in carbs but can be included as long as you keep the quantities down.

Add fresh vegetables to your keto shopping list

Nuts and Seeds

Going nuts for keto!

Nuts are a high fat food group that are invaluable as a snack for keto dieters. These nutritious little gems are chock full of vitamins and minerals, protein and fiber, although some varieties also contain a lot of carbs, so make sure you’re picky about which ones to include in your keto diet. Brazil nuts, chai seeds, walnuts and pecans are awesome as an anytime munch or smoothie ingredient. Macadamias are also tasty and high in valuable fat, and useful for lowering cholesterol and improving heart health. Almonds, cashews and pistachios are lower in fat and contain high levels of carbs, so these should be consumed in limited quantities.

Chicken – one of the best keto foods

The mother of the egg should be on your menu

Chicken is one of the mainstays of a good keto diet because of its high fat content and versatility. Keep the skin on for maximum fat retention and the best flavors. A crispy roast or creamy keto butter chicken are absolute winners with the whole family, and provide important minerals and vitamin B. Totally delicious!

Delicious keto chicken

Coconut Oil

Great for cooking and baking

Coconut is a blessing for people on the keto diet, however it is high in saturated fats so excessive use should be avoided. That being said, when used in moderation coconut oil promotes ketosis in the body and can improve cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Although somewhat contrary to what you might think, coconut oil is a fat burning fiend, and one of the best keto foods when used appropriately.

Noteworthy Extras

Cream, berries and olive oil

Cream, berries and olive oil are keto friendly so make sure you keep some on hand. Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are the best choice of the berry family because of their lower carb content and delicious flavors. Pure or heavy cream adds a smooth, keto friendly texture to your coffee so don’t be afraid to add some to your shopping list. Extra virgin olive oil is great for cooking and salad dressings so it should always be in your pantry.


Our summary of the best keto foods

In compiling our list of the ten best keto foods we looked at many food categories, weighing up factors such as fat, protein and carb content, flavors and textures, and straight out deliciousness. The possibilities for great tasting, healthy keto meals are endless, and we hope you enjoyed our list. If you’d like information on how to get your own customized keto diet so you can lose weight fast we suggest reading this product review article.


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