The Seven Worst Keto Diet Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Keto diet food

The Keto Diet helps people to lose weight quickly and safely, however, there are some newbie mistakes to avoid. In this article we discuss the main ones and suggest ways to avoid them.

  1. Being afraid of eating fat
  2. Eating too much protein
  3. Eating too many carbs
  4. Excessive snacking
  5. Not drinking the right amount of water
  6. Not getting enough sleep
  7. Quitting too soon

Being afraid of eating fat

Switching your power supply on the keto diet

Achieving ketosis is the key to losing weight on the keto diet. Your body will naturally enter ketosis when you restrict your carb intake and start eating food that has a high fat content. Therefore it is important not to shy away from these fat bearing food types but to embrace them and make them the mainstay of your daily diet. Juicy pork ribs are now your best friend, so don’t be afraid to indulge yourself.

Eating too much protein

The keto diet relies on a moderate protein intake

One of the biggest hurdles on the keto diet is getting the balance right, and people often end up replacing carbs with protein instead of fat. Remember that protein should only make up 20 to 30% of your intake, so look for cuts of meat with more fat on them rather than less, and always keep the skin on your chicken. It can seem unintuitive at times but you need to make your body burn fat as its primary energy source. For snacks, choose nuts with the highest fat content, and be sure to include eggs and a lot of avocados to make sure you get the balance right.

Balanced diet

Eating too many carbs on the keto diet

Don’t mess with your body’s mind

The key to losing weight on the keto diet is eating a high fat / low carb diet with a moderate amount of protein. This is not difficult to achieve but you do need to be careful. Some food groups are generally high in fat and low in carbs, but there can be exceptions. For instance, many types of nuts are great for keto, but some of them contain very high amounts of carbs, such as cashews. Eating a handful of these per day can put you over your carb limit and drop you out of keto in a hurry. Alternatively, walnuts are low in carbs, and make an excellent high fat snack so make sure you always have plenty of these in stock.

Excessive snacking

Letting go of the old habits

The real action on the keto diet happens once your body has adjusted to ketosis and has trained itself to burn fat for energy rather than relying on glucose. Once ketosis has been reached, you will find your appetite reduces due to a few chemical changes that affect the hunger response. For some people this happens within a few days of starting the keto diet but for others it can take a couple of weeks. It is important however to only eat when you are hungry, and not fall into the old snacking habit. You will eventually feel less inclined to snack and will instead be satisfied with just one or two meals a day.

Delicious keto diet meals

Keeping fluid

Not drinking the right amount of water on the keto diet

Your body needs a reasonable daily water intake in order to function properly, even while you’re on the keto diet. That being said, water itself does not burn fat, and drinking too much water can deplete your electrolytes. The body is a natural machine that knows how to keep itself working properly. Just drink when you’re thirsty without forcing yourself and everything will be fine.

Not getting enough sleep on the keto diet

Give yourself some down time

Getting enough sleep while you’re on the keto diet is crucial. Sleep allows the brain and your muscles to rest, and gives all your systems some peaceful recovery time. Sleep can be difficult in the early stages of keto but this effect usually subsides after a while. In the longer term, people on the keto diet generally sleep very well once their bodies have adapted to the metabolic changes brought on by ketosis.

Quitting the keto diet too soon

Give yourself a chance!

Nobody likes to be “on a diet”, but the keto diet actually feels like fun. Give it time to work, and it will work because it does work. There is no great mystery or secret behind it – just real science and guaranteed results. Stick at it and you will notice the numbers on your scale dropping inside a week.


Do a quick initial shop to load up on eggs, avocados, yoghurt, cream and walnuts. Focus on eating high fat, low carb food and your body will do the rest. Only eat when you’re hungry and do go crazy on your water intake. Get a decent amount of sleep and some mild exercise to keep things ticking over. Work with your body’s own systems and you will lose weight fast on the keto diet. To get started on keto make sure you read our review of the Custom Keto Diet in this article.



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