Hello world! or should I say, Hello again!!

Welcome to Megadumpload.

A dedication

This website is dedicated to everyone who cares about living a good life based on truth. To all those who feel the pressure to conform to the will of the establishment but choose to stubbornly refuse. To all those who believe there is a healthy alternative to the mainstream viewpoint, and who are determined to find or create it. To all of those who desire a life of peace, happiness and wealth. To free speakers, independent thinkers, and truth seekers: this website is for you.

A revelation

Some of you may remember a previous version of the Megadumpload website. Indeed, it has evolved over the years, as the views and priorities of the author, yours truly, have also changed. What began as a conspiracy and political piss-take blog switched focus a few years ago, and the site morphed into a crypto currency information portal.

Two seemingly disparate domains that are linked by a core principle: a basic refusal to conform to the will of the establishment.

And a commitment

On occasion I feel the need to vent: to say (or write) what I really feel, and yet I am cognizant that some of those things may not be suitable topics for polite society. But they are perfectly acceptable on my own website. If I want to call out some B.S., I can do that here without worrying about my job or home being threatened.

So, with that being understood, I will make the commitment here to carry on in my search for truth, and to document my findings and insights here, in the absence of any suitable alternative.

To my old friends from the cryptosphere: thanks for coming back and checking up on my old site. I hope to keep sharing what I know and will try to help you building your portfolios to the best of my ability.

To all the truthers out there: a decade ago you were called “conspiracy theorists”, before it was even cool to be called that. You guys and gals are dear to my heart. You have a deep seated need to uncover the truth. I share that need, and feel your pain. The world is full of liars and assholes. Those type of folks deserve what’s coming to them. I can be a bit of an asshole myself, but I don’t mean to be.

Onward and upward

So here we go again, into the unknown. We don’t know what we’ll find, but we do know the type of challenges we’ll encounter along the way. Professional bullshit-battlers: that’s us. There is a Megadumpload of the stuff out there, so take a deep breath, pull on your big girl panties, and let’s dive right in.

Wishing you all the best.



Author: Megadump