How to Earn with Cointiply

Are you interested in earning online? Would you like to generate extra income in your spare time? Or are just just plain excited about Bitcoin and crypto currency, and want a slice of the action for yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you owe it to yourself to read this article and learn about the hottest Bitcoin earning site available today – Cointiply.

Cointiply is a secure website that acts as an earnings platform for people who want to turn their spare time into currency, and in particular – crypto currency. Crypto currency is a term given to digital assets that can be used as a store of wealth or a medium for trade. You could think of crypto currency as a type of ‘internet money’. The biggest difference between crypto currencies and the regular money you are normally familiar with, is that crypto currencies are not controlled by any single bank or person or government. They are ‘decentralized’, and have no central body that runs the system, instead, crypto currencies are based on a piece of software that anyone connected to the internet can run on their own computer as part of a world-wide network.

The largest and most widely known crypto currency is called Bitcoin, which is used and traded by millions of people all around the world. Bitcoin is like an online banking system that is run “by the people – for the people.”

So what exactly does Cointiply do?

Cointiply presents its members with a wide range of activities that can be performed voluntarily in return for payment. Members can choose to perform any of the tasks or activities according to their own schedule, with no minimum or maximum limits, and no bosses to answer to. As a member of Cointiply, you can basically work as much or as little as you like, and get paid a certain number of ‘Coins’ in direct relation to the amount of work you do.

The tasks on Cointiply are numerous and varied. The amount you earn is generally proportional to the difficulty of the task you undertake, and the length of time it takes to complete. For example, you can earn a few ‘Coins’ by simply viewing an advertisement – a relatively simple task that only takes a few seconds. On the other hand, you might decide to spend an hour or so completing some market research surveys, and earn a lot more coins in the process. The choice is yours.

Cointiply currently pays it’s members for these types of activities:

  1. Surveys – these usually take between 5-15 minutes, and pay a lot of coins;
  2. Mobile Phone Apps – some of these require the installation and use of a phone app, and pay really well;
  3. PTC Ads – PTC or ‘Paid-to-Click’ ads are a quick and easy way to earn some coins on a regular basis, with any hard work;
  4. Coin Faucet – the Cointiply Faucet is a simple game of chance that always rewards the user with a few coins;
  5. Watch Videos – yes, you really can get paid just for watching videos;
  6. Play Games – earn coins by playing a wide range of arcade, puzzle, strategy and simulation games;
  7. The Multiplier! – Cointiply’s Multiplier game gives members a way to compete for huge daily prizes… but beware – gambling is risky.
  8. The Referral System – fallen in love with Cointiply? Great – tell your friends about it and everyone wins!

Getting Started

To start earning crypto currency on Cointiply, you need to first create an account. Follow this link here to the sign up page. You will be prompted to choose a username and a password, and nominate an email address, which can be handy if you ever forget your password.

For your security, it is a good idea to choose a long password that cannot easily be guessed by anyone else, and make it a password that you have not used on any other website. You want to keep your earnings safe, so make sure to write your password down as well.

You will receive an activation email that you must read before you can start earning. Just click the link in the email and you will be on your way to earning Bitcoins!

Once you have activated your account, visit in your web browser, and log-in using your username and password. You will then be directed to a page similar to the image below…

Cointiply Guide

Once your page has loaded, take a look around. You can always return to the dashboard by clicking the Dashboard link in the Navigation Menu or by clicking the Cointiply logo.

You will see that my username in Cointiply is Megadump – I thought it was quite original 🙂

You will start with a nil (zero) balance, so it is time to get your first coins. Click the ‘Faucet’ link in the Left Sidebar, then hit the roll button to get some free coins. As you will notice, I still need to wait a while before I can roll the faucet. People in many countries are allowed two faucet rolls per day. You must make at least one daily roll to keep your loyalty bonus active (unless you have a Premium account). See the image below:

Cointiply Faucet

You might receive about 30 coins from your faucet roll… or you might get lucky and snag a few more. Either way, you now have a few coins in your balance. You need a balance of 35,000 coins to reach the withdrawal threshold if you want to send your earnings to your FaucetHub account; 50,000 coins to withdraw directly to a Dogecoin wallet, or 100,000 coins to withdraw directly to your Bitcoin BTC wallet. Check the full details on the withdrawals page (click the dropdown arrow next to your username in the top-right-corner of the page, then click “Withdraw”)

*Note – the option to withdraw to faucetHub will be removed soon due to FaucetHub shutting down many of its core systems, but that will not affect your ability to earn crypto currencies on Cointiply.

Once you have earned your first coins, you will most likely be ready for more. The opportunities are virtually limitless, with new offers, PTC Ads and surveys being added to the site constantly, and of course, when you are ready for a break from the hard grind, there are always games to play and videos to watch. For the image below, I have indicated with arrows, some of my favorite activities on the site – yours may be different. Let’s take a look…

Earn Coins on Cointiply

Need a bit of guidance or just a friendly chat? Use the chatroom to ask questions or catch up with your friends. The Admins and Mods on Cointiply are very friendly, and you can always ask for advice. You will find the chatroom link in the bottom-right-corner of your Dashboard page.

If you need to contact support for help with your account, look for the ‘FAQ & Help Desk’ link at the bottom of your page. Replies are usually very quick, and the support team is knowledgeable and approachable, so don’t be afraid to reach out for support if you need it.

How to withdraw Coins from Cointiply

And now we get to everyone’s favorite part of online earnings – the part where you get to withdraw your coins!

Cointiply pays you in crypto currency. The ‘Coins’ you earn from the videos, faucet rolls, surveys etc.. each build up your coins. 10,000 coins equal one dollar of U.S. currency. When your withdrawal is processed, the dollar amount is converted into Bitcoin or Dogecoin (depending on your selection), and is then sent to your wallet.

You need 50,000 coins to make a DOGE withdrawal or 100,000 coins to make a BTC withdrawal. The threshold for BTC withdrawals is higher because of the higher fees incurred on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Prior to 9th December, 2019, it is possible to withdraw to FaucetHub once you reach 35,000 coins (if you have a FaucetHub account) but after 9th December, that facility will probably be removed.

The image below shows how to get to the withdrawals page. Check it out…

Withdraw Link

When you click the Withdraw link, the Withdraw page will open in your browser. You can choose to get paid in Bitcoin or Dogecoin, so make your choice then enter the address of your BTC or DOGE wallet, or your FaucetHub BTC address (if applicable). You may need to re-enter your password before you can submit the withdrawal. BTC payments are normally processed on Sunday nights, USA time, although they can be done a bit earlier or later sometimes, so you may need to be patient.

How to earn interest on your Cointiply balance

Cointiply pays 5% interest per annum on any balances over 35,000 coins, calculated and paid weekly. This can provide a nice boost to your earnings. In the image below, you can see where to find the link for the settings page. On the settings page you will find a slider-type toggle. To activate interest on your account, click the slider so it appears RED (or Pink, depending on your monitor). If the slider is WHITE, it is OFF.

Withdraw Coins

More ways to earn…

In this article I have shown you how to get started with Cointiply, where to find some of the resources and earning opportunities, and how to submit a withdrawal to your Bitcoin or Dogecoin wallet. There are a lot more features for you to discover, and a lot more coins for you to earn. Remember that each Offerwall works differently for people in different countries – you just need to find out what works best for you.

If you have trouble with an Offerwall that does not pay you for a particular task or offer, you need to contact the support team for that individual offerwall – Cointiply staff cannot give support for the offerwalls themselves. If you just need a chat or some suggestions, come and talk to the other Cointiply members and Mods in the chat room.

If you have some other faucets or sites you want to promote, go to the PTC Ads section, and post an Ad there – they work really well!

And remember to share your referral link with friends or your social networks – you can earn some good coins from referrals.

These days, it seems so many people are looking for ways to earn from home in their spare time. With Cointiply, you have an abundance of opportunities to earn crypto currency, and have a lot of fun along the way. So why not get started today? Visit Cointiply now – click here!