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Greetings to all my fellow earth dwellers. This is a personal message from me (sometimes known as Megadump) to you. It is the first post in this new category I’ve called “Megablog”, and herein I will explain a few bits and pieces.

First of all, I will wind back to the start of Megadumpload to hopefully give you a reasonable understanding of what you may expect to find and learn by following this website.

Megadumpload was created in 2013 as a site to store and display articles on various different topics, and in that regard, nothing has changed. However, the site has been rebuilt numerous times since then. Over the years, we have been attacked, spammed, botted, copied, loved, hated.

At the end of the day, we are still here. Changed? Perhaps. Or perhaps we have just uncovered another layer of our soul… who can say?

“Please, Megadump, tell me who is on the Megadumpload team!!”

Well, it is not up to me to speak for other people. It is true to say that Megadumpload has no employees, no staff, no cast or crew working behind the scenes to make your dreams come true, but it would also be misleading to say that everything you see and hear on and around Megadumpload is, was and will be created by one person. That is just not how it works. This site only exists due to the work done by many, many people around the world. I, Megadump am merely the one who brings the pieces together so you can view them on your screen and make use of the information that is there.

Therefore, when I say or refer to “us” in my posts, I am including a loose and highly undefined list or grouping of people working in a range of industries, as well as our followers, supporters and fans. As a visitor to this site, you are (if you want to be…) also part of our team. No need to sign up – no credit card or purchase necessary – just have faith that you are doing the right thing and that our intention is to help make your life better.

In saying that, we can scrape away the fluff and say that Megadumpload is a team of two: me and you. Ultimately, that is all that matters. You come here to find information. I provide that information, curated using my own knowledge and wisdom, and presented in a conversational style, in order that you can use it to make good choices about your own health, wealth and happiness.

“How do I make money on Megadumpload?”

For those of you who just want to rush off and earn coins, head to our Earning Section. You might find some opportunities there, and you can come back later to carry on reading. For those of you with the patience to see this post through to the end: thank you, and congratulations!

Yes – you can make money by using the resources on this site – no doubt. But of course, there is more to life than money. In fact, if you see money as the biggest and most important part of life then you might be missing the big picture, or just focusing too heavily on one aspect of it.

Money is just a tool/resource to be used by us to serve our purposes. We do not and should not live to serve the money system.

That being said, I absolutely understand the financial pressure that people are and can be under to generate an income to pay their bills and obligations with, and to improve their lifestyle. Personally though, I find it better to use a different mindset, and value things such as time and health much more highly than money and other material wealth. Maybe I just got too old 🙂

Ok, so what is the Megablog??

Megablog is a category of posts and articles that I will continue to write that are not necessarily related to money-making, nor are just about health and wellbeing, although they may contain information about all of those things. No, Megablog articles will be more about my personal outlook on life; my musings. I haven’t ground my way through several decades in an effort not to become wise. On the contrary: I have endured various scenarios over many years that have (hopefully) helped me to develop a well-grounded and well-rounded attitude and approach to life that drives my ongoing existence. It is my intention to express what I have learned with you and other people, so you don’t all make the foolish mistakes I made along the way!

So here we are. You have come here maybe looking for something. And me, happy to share what I know. This could be a match – I guess time will tell.

I hope you enjoy the time you spend on this website. Please remember to check back from time to time. There is always fresh news coming through, and I will continue to write about the opportunities for growth that I have found, as well as those challenges and pitfalls I’ve discovered along the way. If you bookmark and share the site across your social networks it might help other people to learn and improve their own lives too, so maybe consider doing that if you want to (forgive my blatant self-promotion!).

Today’s pearls of wisdom

If you made it to the end, thank you. I have a few little meditations that I like to use or ponder frequently, and they are your free takeaway to reward your patience.

Everything is ok, and everything is going to be ok.

Everything is as it should be.

Everything that needs to happen, will happen.

It is just a matter of time, so have faith and just believe everything will be fine.

I wish you a long, happy life full of peace and love. Ignore outer distractions, especially the TV, and focus on doing the things that settle your nerves and heart. Know that I am on your side, and that you are not alone. We are all in this together.

All the best.


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