Micro Wallets


Micro Wallets are websites designed to accept large numbers of small crypto currency transactions from various sources such as faucets and affiliate payments. They can be used to consolidate coin balances and reduce transaction fees. Many micro wallets have their own faucet network, and allow conscientious crypto fans to earn a small amount of currency by watching ads and solving captchas.

List of Micro Wallets

  1. CoinPot – A very popular micro wallet with its own faucet network. Includes a voluntary browser mining facility.
  2. Express Crypto – A popular micro wallet and payments system with thousands of faucets and a large active community.
  3. FaucetPay – Micropayment wallet and earning platform that supports a range of crypto currencies and thousands of faucets.
  4. CCBOX – A micro wallet with a growing community and a range of coins. Includes a free script to run your own faucets.
  5. Coinbase – A crypto exchange and wallet that operates in over 100 countries. Ideal for new crypto users and experienced traders alike.
  6. Cryptoo – A Bitcoin micropayment platform for faucets, games and crypto apps.
  7. CryptoPay – A micro wallet that also allows you to buy and sell cryptos using a bank account or credit card.
  8. Walcrypt – A micropayment and wallet system with inbuilt offerwalls and a vibrant community chat functions.