Does “strange behavior” exhibited by viruses prove science is wrong or lying?

I am digging deeper into the COVID-19 / corona virus panicdemic, as I think there are dots scattered throughout modern history that may be worth connecting to see if a picture is formed. I will tell you straight off that I don’t believe anything the mainstream media or governments tell me, and I have just about as much respect for…


Did Vodafone work with China to create the Corona Virus / COVID-19 Pandemic?

So today we have (“alleged” – ok there I said it so back off!!) reports or testimony from someone who was high-level in Vodafone saying that COVID-19 is not transmitted from one person to another, but is developed within a person’s own cells after they have been poisoned by 5G radiation. According to the source, Vodafone were working hand-in-glove with…



This is an urgent warning to the people of Earth, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, otherwise known as the corona virus. A former high-level Vodafone employee has posted his testimony in several YouTube videos in which he reveals the MOST IMPORTANT AND URGENT SECRET that affects humanity today. The videos are being removed by YouTube almost as quickly as they are…

Hidden Secrets of Money

Hidden Secrets of Money – Mike Maloney

In this series of ten videos, Mike Maloney digs deep into the shadowy past to uncover the roots of the money system, and exposes the pitfalls that have brought down numerous empires. All credits for the videos belong to him – you can visit his YouTube channel here. Please visit his website GoldSilver.com for more details. Hidden Secrets of Money…


Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 10


Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 9