Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 2


Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 1


Faking COVID-19, Or – is the corona virus a false flag initiative?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months you will be well aware of the current global crisis surrounding an influenza-like illness known as the “corona virus”, or COVID-19. One can hardly miss the constant stream of news articles, government warnings and announcements, World Health Organization declarations and publications telling us how incredibly dangerous this…

The Money Matrix

The Money Matrix

If you have watched the Matrix movies, starring Keanu Reeves, you will be familiar with the concept of a mind prison. In The Matrix, we see Reeve’s character, ‘Neo’, wake up and break out of a system of slavery that was forced upon people by machines, which grew humans in order to harness the heat energy that their bodies produced….

Avoiding Scams and Ripoff sites

The crypto industry is littered with an endless stream of scams and ripoff sites. To an experienced user these sites are often easy to spot but for first-timers they can be a real menace. Many will promise crazy returns such as doubling your coins in two days, or 1000+ interest rates etc… these are obvious scams, but there are also…

Cointiply Banner


Cointiply is one of the most popular crypto currency earning platforms around. While it started out as a “Premium Faucet”, Cointiply has evolved into a site with many great ways to earn coins. Watch videos, play games, complete surveys and tasks, view PTC ads and utilize the referral system for extra earnings. Cointiply also has a great community and a…