Trading Tools


The power of the internet gives regular investors the ability to become successful traders. People from all walks of life are trading in many different marketplaces. From stock and bond markets, commodities, forex and cryptos; the opportunities are endless.

But successful trading requires good information and tools. No matter which market you trade in, you need timely access to the latest information in order to have the best chance of making profitable trades on a steady basis.

The websites presented here have a history of reliability, but you are ultimately responsible for your own trades, and are encouraged to do your own research.

A list of trading tools and resources

  1. TradingView – Professional trading charts and tools for crypto currency traders from beginner level to expert.
  2. Coinigy – A professional crypto trading platform that allows instant trading across all major exchanges via API.
  3. LiveCharts – Live prices and trading charts for precious metals, oil and energy, FOREX, crypto currencies and other markets.
  4. GoldPrice – Live gold prices, market information and charts.
  5. SilverPrice – Live silver price data, charts and market information.