Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira: Suspect admits burying bodies of Amazon pair, Brazil police say


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British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira have been missing since 5 June

Brazilian police say a suspect has confessed to burying the bodies of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira.

Detective Eduardo Fontes said the suspect, Amarildoda Costa de Oliveira, took investigators to a site where human remains were dug up.

He said police would work with Interpol to confirm the bodies’ identities.

Two suspects, Amarildo and Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, have been arrested so far. They are reportedly brothers.

Police said they expect to carry out further arrests.

Mr Phillips, 57, and Mr Pereira, 41, went missing in a remote part of the Amazon rainforest on 5 June.

Briton Mr Phillips had been living in Brazil for more than a decade and was a long-time contributor to the Guardian newspaper. He was working on a book about the Amazon.

Mr Pereira, a Brazilian who was on leave from his post with the government’s indigenous affairs agency Funai, was an expert on isolated tribes.

Some of their belongings, including clothes and a laptop, were found on Sunday.

On Wednesday, federal police officers escorted a man accused of being involved in Mr Phillips and Mr Pereira’s disappearance

Days before the pair went missing, indigenous groups say Mr Pereira was threatened for campaigning against illegal fishing in the area.

Mr Phillips’ sister, Sian, previously told the BBC: “I think it’s likely they’ve been ambushed by some illegal criminal activity there, possibly to do with illegal fishing.”

It is an “incredibly distressing and awful situation”, she said.

Watch: Family and friends of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira want answers about their disappearance

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