Build Your Stack!

Are you interested in building wealth? Do you feel the need to create a stack of real assets? Would you like to learn the truth about financial systems? If so, you are in the right place. Megadumpload is a website dedicated to exploring the science of wealth creation and sharing the tools you need to succeed in the exciting world of new finance.

What is a stack?

A stack began as a stack of coins or dollar bills, but is now expanded to any asset class. You could have a stack of cryptos, cash, baseball cards, or anything else you deem as a store of value. We remember the story of the old guy that became a millionaire by stacking and trading Pez containers. If you think something has value – build a stack!

How to create a solid stack

A solid stack needs a blend of depth and diversification. Hard times and unforeseen challenges are survived by having a good lump of one asset supported by a few others that can be called on in a pinch. Try to avoid spreading yourself too thin across a lot of assets as you’ll lack any real strength when it comes to trading. Four or five asset classes should provide a stable foundation for the new wealth creator.


Portfolio Pie Chart

Why should you build a stack?

People build stacks for many reasons. Financial security, providing for retirement, to provide stability for a family, for a challenge or just for fun! Your reasons are personal to you but it is important to know what they are to help keep yourself focused and on track. Ultimately, learning how and why to build a stack will place you in a position to generate real wealth and become rich.

It is ok to become rich!

Wealth gives you choices over many aspects of life, and provides the ability to take the best care of your family and friends. A poor person can do little to help their community, whereas a rich person can use their wealth to improve the lives of many people.

Choose to become rich and do good things with your money!

Wealth Generation and Happiness