Jill Stein vs Tiger Woods – Future Presidential Candidates Rekindle Public Profiles Gearing up for 2020 and 2024 Election Rounds

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In a World’s first, we at Megadumpload are pleased to announce our exclusive prediction for possible future Presidential Candidates for the major parties.

The recent media interest surrounding Jill Stein and Tiger Woods has been seen as a sign that these are two people we need to keep a lookout for, and might even be a couple of Presidential-Candidates-in-Waiting.

Tiger Woods for President 2024

Tiger Woods for President 2024

We predict Jill Stein will fail to win the Presidency in the 2020 election round but will try again in 2024, when she will be pitted against Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Tiger Woods. Woods is set to revive his popularity over the 2017-2019 period, and will beat out other “possibles” in the Democrat Primaries. The choice for the nation will be simple.

Which will it be: America’s First Female President or America’s Second Black Male President or America’s First Straight Black Male President?

And that choice, could be yours!

Remembering why Gangsta Rap and Thug Life were created

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Gangsta Rap and the Thug Life were created to fill the privately owned and run prisons that sprung up across the United States in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Not only this, but also for the purpose of promoting the rise of a dark underbelly of violent offenders that could be used as a tool for social engineering in the future. One use of such a tool is to appear as a threat to law and order in order to justify increasingly more draconian laws and restrictions to be placed on the general population by the legislature.

In the following video, Mark Dice takes a look at reports of a secret meeting held between Illuminati operatives, private prison owners, and media industry big wigs, where the notion of a ‘Thug Life’ subculture was agreed upon to be popularized in music.

Watch as David Icke Exposes the Global Elite Child Sex Ring

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So you thought the child sex scandal in America Politics was just a rumor? Nope, far from it. In this video, David Icke exposes the inner most workings of the system and explains the dark forces that control it all.

UNEXIT Announces Donald Trump Election Win – What it means for freedom fighters

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Announcing the successful election of the 45th President of the United States of America, Mr Donald, J Trump!

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The United States of America has struck an historic blow for freedom by today electing a political outsider to the office of the President of the United States. Billionaire real estate tycoon, Republican Party Presidential Candidate and outspoken celebrity, Mr Donald Trump, has been elected to the top job over his Democratic Party rival, Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a stunning, landslide victory.

Trumps Win Inspires Feedom FightersMr Trump has campaigned long and hard for today’s victory in what will be remembered as a triumph for the freedom movement over the forces of tyranny and the globalist agenda. His message of American instead of Globalism has struck a nerve with the disenfranchised not only within the United States but also around the world. His supporters and admirers from all walks of life and almost every nation on Earth view his election success in a similar vein to the success of the BREXIT vote in Britain earlier this year.

So what does the election of Donald Trump mean for the UNEXIT movement?

The election of Donald J Trump to the presidency of the United States is a wonderful shot in the arm for the UNEXIT movement. His success means the United States will once again become a strong and secure nation. A nation whose citizens can stand with true, national pride, not arrogance, and can again dream of being part of a world of strong nations who are all friends. Nation states that are each separate in some ways, but alike in many others. Nations that can celebrate and enjoy both their differences and similarities without requiring that other countries conform to their way of life or their way of thinking.

The UNEXIT movement will continue to grow and celebrate the resurgence of the United States as a peace loving nation that can and will co-exist without the need to invade other countries or overthrow foreign governments. We see today as a turning point for the USA. A point where the people of the United States collectively told their government that enough was enough. It is time for change. It is time to drain the swamp.

The people of the United States of America have shown the world that their eyes and ears are, in-fact, open. That the American people are aware of the corruption that is entrenched so deeply and so thoroughly within their political system. That they are aware of the media bias toward the political establishment, the bankers and the Wall Street traders. That the everyday people of the United States of America are mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it any more!

So where to next for the USA?

It is fair to say that the future most certainly holds some rocky times in store for the United States. Mr Trump has repeatedly stated, during the course of his campaign, that he intends to “drain the swamp”, i.e. clear out the corrupt establishment that lurks inside the U.S. political system.

He spoke of his intention to “investigate the investigation” into the Hillary Clinton email server scandal, a move that will likely uncover corruption at every level of government to the very top of the stack.

FBI criminal investigations of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of an insecure email server, as well as her pay-to-play scandal, have ostensibly been put on the back burner. However, in light of Mr Trump’s successful election campaign, it can now be revealed that these investigations are ongoing, and are far from over. It is believed by some, that FBI Director Mr James Comey, has only halted the investigations temporarily, and that they will be renewed once Mr Trump has been sworn is as U.S. President.

On this point, it is important to note that if criminal charges were laid against Ms Clinton while President Obama was still in office, that Pres. Obama could pardon her for any and all crimes listed in those charges. On a technicality of law, Mr Obama could even use his Presidential privilege to pardon himself, should any similar charges be laid against him before Mr Trump takes over the POTUS role.

Thus, it has become apparent to some observers that the FBI’s hesitation to lay charges has been a strategic move, and one that is designed to make sure those charges stick.

Hillary Clinton - Never TruthWhat will happen to Hillary Clinton when Donald Trump becomes President of the United States?

Mr Trump will, according to plan, be sworn in on Friday, January 20th, 2017. It is therefore quite possible that charges might be brought against both Clinton and Obama on the following Monday, the 22nd of January, 2017. Preparations for preliminary hearings could take weeks, and any subsequent criminal trials could take months.

There could be little doubt, of course, that any decisions reached to in such trials would be appealed. We are dealing with serious matters, after all. And of course, serious punishments.

Former Mayor of New York City, career lawyer and politician, as well as staunch Donald Trump advocate, Mr Rudy Giuliani, has identified no fewer than sixteen felonies that he believes Ms Clinton may be guilty of, including obstruction of justice, negligence with classified information, mail fraud, and wire fraud. If convicted of all these crimes punishable under Federal Law, Hillary Clinton could be faced with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, with no chance for parole.

Mr Obama has apparently become deeply complicit in Ms Clinton’s schemes over the years, as well. And could face a number of charges alongside her.

There is also the additional possibility, however remote, that the charge of Treason, one of the most serious felonies, could be laid for Clinton’s activities in regards to Saudi Arabia and ISIS. Treason can be punishable with the death penalty under U.S. Federal Law. Watch this space for further developments on that one.

Celebrating freedom and moving UNEXIT forward…

But all of those things lie ahead of us. For today, WE THE PEOPLE, meaning the people, not only of the United States, but of every country scattered around this beautiful Earth, should revel in the wonderful and courageous vote for freedom that has occurred in the United States today.

Our fight to defeat the globalist agenda is far from over. We have many more battles to wage as we strive to abolish the corrupt United Nations and take back the sovereignty of our respective nations, but today, being the eighth (or ninth depending on your geographical location) day of November, 2016, will be remembered as one of the most important days in the history of our civilization.

Congratulations, Mr Trump. Congratulations to the lovely people of the United States of America. And congratulations to UNEXIT supporters and all freedom fighters around the world. The courage to stand up to tyranny has brought us this far, and it will take us onward to eventual and inevitable freedom from the tyranny of global governance.

New Wikileaks Pole shows Clinton and Obama Neck and Neck

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This one is self explanatory. Please share.

New Wikieleaks pole has Clinton and Obama neck and neck

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Campaign take a crap on American Soil – Megadumpload denies any connection

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The owners of www.megadumpload.com denies any connection with Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Campaign following a new report that showed human waste being dumped from the Dem’s campaign coach onto a public carpark in Gwinette County, Georgia. Watch the following video for more details of the disgusting deed perpetrated by Hillary and her minions. Deplorable, indeed…

Evidence that World War Three – WWIII aka WW3 has already begun and why the US media wont talk about it

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Putin warns of WW3

There is a massive deception being committed upon the world, right now, and the main stream media are not ‘allowed’ to discuss it. The truth is that we are already experiencing the early stages of World War 3. The United States and Russia are engaged in unfettered warfare on three major stages: political, economic, and military. Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin has been having press conferences for the last few months warning the press and anyone who cares to listen that his country is under several types of attack or ‘pressure’ from US agencies. In this article we take a look at some of the evidence that points to the truth – that World War Three is currently being waged.

Warnings from Mr. Putin.

Vladimir Putin commands respect within his own nation and in numerous countries around the world. He is seen as a strong and resolute leader who espouses nationalism. He is also a man who openly talks about the pressure he is under from foreign controlled operatives such as the CIA and ISIS. He has openly stated that his nation is under overt and covert attack by United States security agents, hackers, and political figures. Many of his press conferences are available on YouTube. Here are some of them:

In this next video, Mr. Putin reveals who created ISIS and how he views the threat to Russia.