Welcome to Megadumpload – where you will learn how to start bitcoin mining in five minutes with Genesis Mining and receive a discount on all your bitcoin and altcoin mining contracts.

On this website we show you how to get going with bitcoin mining using the world’s premier provider of cloud mining services, Genesis Mining.

We also show you a few important steps to take in order to secure your investment and protect your valuable crypto currency funds using wallets.


What is Cloud Bitcoin Mining anyway, and Who is Genesis Mining?

Cloud Bitcoin Mining is very similar to traditional Bitcoin and other crypto currency mining except Cloud Bitcoin Mining combines the cash resources of hundreds of thousands of small investors to essentially power and run warehouses full of ultra fast computers that are engaged 24/7 in mining Bitcoin and a diverse range of altcoins.

Genesis Mining operates several of these mining warehouse based facilities, and has grown to become the world’s largest provider of Cloud Bitcoin Mining Services. With a customer base of over 500,000 investors in 130+ countries, Genesis Mining is putting the power of wealth creation in the hands of anyone, anywhere, who has the desire for freedom.

Top Five Things You Must do Before Bitcoin Mining on Genesis Mining

Before you start mining for Bitcoin on Genesis Mining you need to do these five things, right quick!

  1. Get a valid email address. There are a number of free providers but if you don’t care then just use Gmail.
  2. You need somewhere secure to store the Bitcoin you mine, and somewhere you can convert it back to other crypto currencies or cash money if you need to. There are online web wallets, desktop GUI wallets that you install on your own PC or smartphone, and hardware wallets that you can load your Bitcoins and altcoins onto and then disconnect from your computer for longer term, “cold storage”. Yes, you can even get printable wallets for another layer of security. Take a look at Exodus and Jaxx. It’s ok to get both, as they each support some coins that the other does not. Exodus is the most beautiful and pleasing to use but the transaction fees may be higher. Worth it. Install and move on.
  3. Get Google Authenticator on your smartphone, or an alternative if you prefer.
  4. Write down or copy this special discount code to make sure you get your 3% discount when you buy a mining contract on Genesis Mining: OnGxTZ – you can save the code and use it each time you upgrade your contract or buy more, so it really can help in the long term.
  5. You are now ready to head over to Genesis Mining and get started mining Bitcoins in less than five minutes!

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