Welcome to our Faucet page. On this page you will find some of the most popular and reliable bitcoin and alt coin faucets that reward you with coins every time you visit. Faucets are a great way to start earning Bitcoins and other crypto coins if you have a few minutes or up to a few hours each day to spend doing your claims.

Collecting coins from faucets is one of the best ways for people to start collecting Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for free!

Before you can begin claiming free bitcoins and other crypto currencies from faucets you need a coin wallet such as Jaxx. It is also a good idea to get yourself a secondary email address for your faucet accounts.

So what are faucets?

Faucets, sometimes referred to as bitcoin faucets or coin faucets, are small websites that offer visitors to the page a small reward in exchange for completing a tiny task such as solving a captcha or viewing a short advertisement. Most faucets actually contain a lot of ads, which is how the faucet owners earns an income, so it is a win-win-win setup for the faucet owners, advertisers, and visitors to the faucet who get paid in small pieces of bitcoin known as sats (from “satoshis”) or coins. Most faucets pay in bitcoin but there are quite a few that pay other crypto currencies as well, and you will find some of them in our Mega List further down the page.

There are some main points you should know about faucets:

  1. Faucets are small websites that usually consist of just one or two pages, one or two captchas and anti-bot mechanisms,
  2. Faucets are designed to reward visitors for looking at advertisements and completing “captchas”,
  3. Faucets pay out tiny pieces of bitcoin or other crypto coins. The tiny pieces of coins are referred to just as “coins” or “sats” (short for satoshis),
  4. Most faucets pay out to a main website where your earnings accumulate before you can withdraw them to your own coin wallet (because some coin wallets do not allow you to make small deposits, or they charge you high fees),
  5. Earning coins from faucets is a slow way to earn coins but it only costs you your time and effort. The coins you get from each claim are tiny, but they do add up over time and most coins are gradually gaining in value,
  6. The key to earning coins from faucets is being “consistent”. Do your claims EVERY DAY, even if it just one or two times. Develop the habit of doing your claims as soon as you turn on your computer and just before you turn it off at night,
  7. The more time you spend claiming coins from faucets, the more coins you will earn. It is as simple as that,
  8. Many faucets contain an invisible bitcoin mining script inside the website. These scripts can trigger your anitvirus but are not harmful. I recommend to add an exclusion to your antivirus if you find any faucets like that, as shown in this picture… Add exclusion in antivirus software
  9. Almost EVERY faucet has a referral program. That means, when you visit a faucet, it will display your own referral link. If you send that link to somebody and that person starts claiming coins from the faucet, then you earn a tiny little piece of coin each time they make a claim. That person can then share their own referral link with someone else and then they will get a small piece of coin as well. Everyone who shares their referral link with someone else and that other person starts claiming coins, then the first person earns coins from every claim. If you share your link with 50 friends and 5 of them decide to start earning coins from faucets, then you will earn a piece of coins each time any of those 5 people make a claim,
  10. YOU decide how much money/coins you earn from faucets. YOU. Not your neighbour or your grumpy brother or sister, not the school bully who lives down the road. If YOU do the work, YOU get paid. End of story. Start building YOUR bitcoin empire with faucets!!

The FaucetHub Network

My favourite faucet network is the FaucetHub network. FaucetHub is HUUUGGGEEE!! It has been around for ages and has thousands of regular users. FaucetHub has a great community that is very helpful, a chat room where you can ask for help and have fun chatting, and games and paywalls where you can really boost your earnings! Using FaucetHub is one of the best ways to earn free bitcoin and other crypto coins online.

There are literally hundreds of faucets in this network. Some of them are awesome, some are average, and some suck pretty bad. I have tried lots of them and made a list of the ones I consider to be the best, as shown below, with many more available in the Megadumpload Faucet Club section of the site. Highly recommended to speed up your claiming process!!

The Mega List of high paying FaucetHub faucets – updated regularly. You need a FaucetHub.io account to claim from these faucets. If you don’t already have one, get it here.

Most of the faucets in my list use the “Solve Media” captcha NOT google recaptcha. Google recaptcha is performing badly for most faucet users these days and is driving people crazy with frustration so I prefer to use faucets that don’t have it. You will notice the difference as you try new faucets.

One of the best strategies is to have 4 or more faucets open in separate tabs in your browser and claim from each one then move along to the next tab/faucet. I recommend to only have no more than 8 faucets open at once otherwise it takes too long to do all the claims. For best results you want to re-claim as soon as possible after the 5 minute timer has expired.

Make sure you log into these faucets with the same wallet address for each coin you use in your Faucethub account.

I have listed a nice group of faucets below to help you get started, but there are literally hundreds more in our Faucet Club.

Vivocoin Faucets

This faucet group has faucets for all the coins supported on FaucetHub, with a nice, clean layout that is eassy to follow. It has shortlinks on each faucet so you need to wait as each timer clicks down, but they are just a few seconds. 5 minutes between claims on each faucet which means you can continuously claim one faucet after the after. My favourite faucet group on FaucetHub at the moment. Absolutely top recommendation.


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