How to Earn Crypto Step by Step

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Earn crypto safely. There are many ways for new and old guys and girls to earn crypto without getting a real job or spending your cash or credit card. It takes time instead. Watching ads, filling surveys, playing some games – all of these can generate cryptos, bitcoin, dogecoins for your own wallets. Prepare your mind for some hard work each day to build a gradual balance for fat gains.

The method is slow and steady so set aside one or two hours every day to take steps to freedom.

Step One.

Start by making a faucet claim. Discover the pain of shortlinks and the misery of failed attempts.

Your heart bleeds but your spirit grows stronger.

You see a tiny coin deposited in your wallet (for example FaucetPay because it is most common).

Step Two.

Create a Browser Folder for Faucets. Bookmark the Faucet and find a few more to add.

You should increase to maybe 5-12 faucets to claim every hour or at least a few times per day. Consistent approach is best and never miss a day. Start making a habit.

Step Three.

Join a PTC (paid-to-click) or GPT (get-paid-to) website. Most of these incorporate a faucet, dice roll, videos and games. The best one ranked over years by many crypto collectors is Cointiply. You can join using my link here. Always look for good reviews online.

Cointiply is best for Western countries but the opportunities for Eastern nations are ok just expect slow earnings and frustration to pull out some hairs.

Why is it low earnings for some countries?

Most crypto money comes from advertising companies. These are targeting “consumers” in richer countries to spend their money, so poor countries don’t get as much chance to earn. Your beast chance is to build slowly and improve your own situation to your best ability. I hope you all the best. The world is not fair but you have to fight and crawl your best to get ahead. I can’t put sugar on the truth.

Why Earn Crypto?

I am writing you this with good intentions and best wishes for humans. You can fact-check me all the time but I swear on grave of dogs to give you the truth in this post.

Government is not your friend regardless of what they may tell you. Banks also are not your friends. The billionaire celebrity man or lady – not your friends. By luck or game of life they have accumulated money and power. They make laws and tax for us to pay, and makes them rich. Think about United Nations, World Monetary Fund, all these global groups. They make rich people even stronger and make poor people into dog food.

You are already rich…

We, me and you, bro, sis, lady man – we are fam. I don’t call you poor because your rich love in your heart makes me call you rich. Now – let’s help you get some coins so your wallet is also full.

Crypto system is separate from banks and government and is popular with freedom lovers. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Monero and others – these are a chance for wealth OUTSIDE from banks. Government cannot take your crypto coins so store your earnings wisely.

No adblocks and VPN

For crypto earnings you really must not use adblocker or VPN. These things prevent advertiser earnings. Please support the community and allow ads to show. This will bring result of more earnings and coins for you. Also, adblocker and VPN gets you banned on many sites. Don’t be shit bro. Care and share and you will earn more each day.

Too many scams!

Many webmasters make fake scam sites. Promise of 1000% profit, $5000 bonus, free GHS mining – all these type of things are scams. DO NOT fall into this. These guys will drag your ass into bad stuff so be sure to avoid them.

Nevertheless, allow viewing ads of these sites in faucets and PTC to earn a few small coins but don’t sign up. You get paid to “view” – a few small coins, but never join the scams. We call this “window shopping” – you look from the outside but never go in. Better example: you look at the pretty girls or boys at the beach but you don’t touch it – go home to the one you know will really feed you and make it warm at night. Shit bro, you know what I mean.

Claim faucet ads and PTC are ok but don’t join scams. If you see ads for “40000% profit” or “double my coins in 5 minutes” – no, they are liars. Too risky. Look but don’t touch.

Step Four.

Earn crypto with referrals
Referrals are a great way to earn crypto

Learn to get some referrals.

Ideas: Make a simple Youtube video for guys and ladies in your own country. Example: “How can a Australia Girl or Africa Guy or Alaska Guy can earn coins in 2024?” And give honest review of FaucetPay or faucet or PTC site. Something like this can get you some referrals over passage of time.

Another Idea: Make a free blog or web page and write simple short review for a PTC site and include your referral link.

Always write honest reviews. This way it can get popular over time and be viral – world will share your words and bring you coin rewards. Trust the truth lady/man. Truth prevails – lie fails.

Step Five.

Be patient!

How many years you already spent to make little money? Ten, twenty? Well, allow one or two years to earn crypto. Pain and slow suffering will earn rewards in good time. And remember, when bitcoins or ether coins get into your wallet – it is yours!!

Wallet reminders – Earn Crypto and keep your coins safe!

Keep coins in a proper crypto wallet. You must have control of the keys, namely the public keys and private keys. You work hard to earn cryptos so keep them safe from hackers and scammers.

Don’t keep coins on a big exchange or website too long. Sometimes these can go scam or be hacked so put your coins into your own wallet and keep them secure.

Here is a blog article from

A comprehensive list on’s Exchange Graveyard shows that 42.69% of failed crypto exchanges since 2014 “just disappeared” without a trace. There was no explanation or official statement about their closure.
Approximately 12.3% rebranded or changed their mode of operations. For instance, Bgogo stopped centralized trading on before August 31, 2021, and urged its users to move to its decentralized platform at
7.89% of the failed crypto exchanges was due to scam e.g Folgory, Lukki Exchange, Coinplace etc.
7.66% was unable to continue business due to regulatory reasons e.g Binance JEX, Sweden-registered exchange Btcswe, Brokereo, Japanese-registered Liquid, Cryptster etc.
Thodex Platform, Netherlands-based exchange Altilly, and CryTrEx among others are among the 3.94% that shut down due to hacking.
Turkey-based Sistemkoin, Metal X Exchange, Coinsuper Exchange, and Shortex among others are among the 2.78% that have gone under due to business reasons.

Keep coins safe in YOUR wallet.

Every wallet and exchange has different fees and withdrawal times. Do some research for each site and wallet. I can turn your brain and open your heart but I cannot hold your hand. Sorry friend, you need to find some things out by yourself but I will always do my best to help.

Use the appropriate wallet. We call this “horses for courses” and I will explain below…

Do you drive around the world in a tiny car or boat? No, but you can go a small distance. Therefore, use small wallets for small amount of coins. For instance, use FaucetPay or similar microwallet to hold small amount of coins (these are great to collect faucet claim coins). Use a hardware wallet such as Trezor for your big amount (example: investment or cold storage) of coins (and of course make sure to store the keys on a safe paper or carve it into a rock under your house). My friend, protect your wealth.

I give wisdom and guidance but not financial advice. Everything is on your own risk. Talk to professional financial advisor and of course, please check if your country wants you to pay tax.

Step Six.

Learn how to trade cryptos.

Trade crypto currency on exchanges to gain a small profit each time. Remember that most exchanges take a fee around 1-2% of your trade, so look around and research coins before you jump. Don’t bee too greedy on one trade. Slow and steady trading on daily basis can give good results but beware of the risk. Learn how to use stoploss settings, and make trade decisions on facts and research – not emotions. Your heart is good to show direction but your brain must take the little steps to get you along the path.

Study the market charts and buy a coin when it is down.

Buy low – sell high!!

Summary on How to Earn Crypto

Ok friend, in addition to this article on how to earn crypto I have also written an article on the Laws of Crypto. You should keep these in mind whenever starting on any investment or earning program. Peace and many coins to all.

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