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Hello to all new and returning Megadumpload visitors. My name is Megadump, and I will be your personal guide through the cryptoverse. Join me on a journey of exploration as we peel back the layers of mystery that surround crypto currency and money systems.

Wealth creation and storage are an important part of human life as they not only provide a measure of success but also provide the means for acquiring, utilising and sharing many other resource forms. Tragically, traditional money systems have become corrupted and centralised into a few greedy hands who have no mind for the needs of the greater population. Crypto currency realigns the power of personal finance, giving more control back to the people of Earth so they can better direct their own timeline and destiny.

A quick shoutout to my old crypto fans and friends of the site who were avid users of Megadumpload back in the much earlier days of crypto. It feels great to be back with you, and I hope you find the new iteration of the website even better than before.

Now, let’s push on and start building the best life together!



Author: Megadump

Megadump is probably an expression of consciousness that exists within our perceived universe. They generally describe themselves as an entity exploring ways to maximise the enjoyment of the human experience. Within this context, Megadump seeks truth in all things and desires to identify and share concepts, principles and methods that promote a harmonious way of being. Megadump encourages others to build their best life.