The Best Doge Faucet – A Review for Dogepick

Free Dogecoin Faucet Review

The best doge faucet is one that provides decent earnings and reliable payments, but many faucets attempt to do this and fail. Some faucets offer good claim amounts but put difficult shortlinks in the way so it is almost impossible to claim. This article takes a deep dive into a doge faucet that pays an amount that increases with the user’s activity on the site, and has a reliable history of making real payments. Click here to visit Dogepick.

Is this the best doge faucet?

Doge comes across as a run-of-the-mill dogecoin faucet at first glance, however a closer inspection reveals a micro-earnings platform that offers the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of coin on an ongoing basis. The faucet features good security that includes optional 2FA, and uses QR codes in important areas to make it convenient for both desktop and mobile device users.

Key takeaways:

  • Convenient signup process
  • Easy hourly faucet claim with level-up system
  • Bonus Faucet with chance for huge wins
  • Surveys and offerwalls to earn coins quickly
  • Fun and simple games to increase the faucet claim amount
  • Secure Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Referrals and Contests

Dogepick signup

The front page or “splash page” for Dogepick is attractive and understated, promising a pleasant experience once inside. Enter your email address to create an account, then create a password. Make sure to bookmark the page once you’ve signed up and logged in.

Dogepick Premium Dogecoin Faucet
Dogepick Premium Dogecoin Faucet

Cool bonus: you receive a bunch of free faucet claims when you confirm your email address!

The Best Doge Faucet Includes Bonus Rolls!

Dogepick includes two faucet modes: Hourly Faucet and Bonus Faucet. Toggle between the two modes as indicated by the green tick button.

Dogepick Dogecoin Faucet with Offerwalls
Dogepick Dogecoin Faucet with Offerwalls

Hourly dogecoin faucet claim

The hourly faucet is manual and can be claimed every 60 minutes. This faucet includes a level-up system that increases the claim amount based on your activity playing games on the site. The more you play, the faster your faucet claim will increase.

Dogecoin Faucet with Level Up System
Dogecoin Faucet with Level Up System

The Bonus Faucet

The bonus faucet pays out on a dice-roll system. Roll a higher number to receive more coins. You receive bonus claims for achievements as you play games and complete tasks on the site. In the image below you will see I also received an extra bonus that doubles all my bonus claims for 3 days. These extras are quite a surprise and a lot of fun.

Bonus Faucet Rolls for More Dogecoins
Bonus Faucet Rolls for More Dogecoins

Earn More Coins From Surveys and Offerwalls

Dogepick gives you the opportunity to earn extra doge for completing online surveys and other tasks. The payout rates for these are instant and generous, and it is a great way to build up your balance quickly. You can withdraw your earnings or use them to play the games and level up to increase the faucet claim amount.

Earn Doge from Surveys
Earn Doge from Surveys

Play Games to Increase Your Faucet Claims

Dogepick includes some easy and fun games of chance and skill that users can use to increase the faucet claim amount. These range from a traditional dice roll and slots to a roulette wheel and video poker. There are many strategy guides available that can help with your use of these games and maximise your level-ups.

Play Games to Level Up and Increase Your Faucet Claims
Play Games to Level Up and Increase Your Faucet Claims

Dice Roll Game – the Best Doge Faucet Addition!

The traditional Dice Roll game is fully-featured, with Manual, Auto and Strategy Modes to choose from. The Martingale (x2), Paroli, and D’Alembert strategies built into the system allow for a wide range of wagering choices and conditions to be set. Tweak the settings to suit your own liking and enjoy the results.

Settings and options for the Dice Game are presented in an intuitive and attractive user interface so the game is a pleasure to use and easy to understand. The user clicks a simple toggle to switch between modes.

Manual Mode

The manual option gives the user the chance to make one roll at a time, which can be useful if you want to try a one-off, high stakes roll.

Play the Dice Game in Manual Mode
Play the Dice Game in Manual Mode

Auto Mode

The Auto Roll option is suited to set-and-forget wagering that is useful for progressively leveling up.

Play the Dice Game in Auto Mode
Play the Dice Game in Auto Mode

Strategy Mode

The Strategy Mode allows greater flexibility and customisation, and is recommended for more experienced players.

Play the Dice Game in Auto Mode Using Strategy
Play the Dice Game in Auto Mode Using Strategy

Secure Deposits and Withdrawals

Users can deposit and withdraw dogecoins easily using the secure systems built into Dogepick. 2FA and email confirmation protects your coins at all times, and there is a realtime proof-of-payments page available.

The Best Doge Faucet Referral System and Contests

Dogepick has a comprehensive referral system that rewards users with generous commision payments for each referred user. In addition, weekly contests run that reward users for their wagering totals and those of their referrals.


Dogepick – is this the best doge faucet?

Dogepick is a free crypto faucet that provides users with a number of ways to earn dogecoins without any cash investment. The faucet is easy and pleasant to use, and features good security with 2FA and email confirmation for important events. Faucet claims can be increased by playing the dice and other games, and users can earn extra coins by taking surveys and completing tasks on the offerwalls. The addition of weekly contests and a generous referral system rewards users for attracting new users to the site. Dogepick stands out as a dogecoin faucet where users can certainly earn free doge on a reliable and consistent basis. Click here to visit.

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