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Cointiply is quite possibly the world’s most popular crypto earnings platform, with literally hundreds of opportunities that are updated in real-time. Residents of western countries enjoy the highest earnings on Cointiply, and KYC is not required. Earning rate is fast, and withdrawal is available in a range of cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and DASH.

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Earn crypto currency from tasks on Cointiply

Cointiply has a wide range of task categories available from the simple faucet roll to online surveys and mobile app testing. There is a decent PTC ad section with ads updated every few minutes, and online chat rooms with chat rain – small airdrops that reward based on a user’s activity on the site.

Accounts and Security on Cointiply

Navigation on the site is easy, with each section of the site nicely defined, and the dark color scheme is easy on the eye. Account creation is simple, requiring only an email address but no personal ID documents. Security is enhanced by 2FA codes which are sent to your email address whenever a new IP address or browser is detected. The use of VPN or creating multiple accounts from the same IP address is not permitted. Each user may only have one account and their true IP address and location must be visible to the website.

Using Cointiply on Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices

Cointiply is best suited to desktop and laptop users however the Android app is fully functional and makes earning crypto on a mobile device enjoyable and lucrative. Cointiply works very well for android phone users but there is no official iphone app.

Cointiply Referral System

The referral system on Cointiply provides a way for users to create an ongoing passive source of crypto earnings. Earn 25% of faucet rolls and 10% on offerwall tasks for every one of your referred users for life.

Online Surveys on Cointiply

Online surveys are the most common earning method for Cointiply users, with at least a dozen online survey platforms incorporated into the website. Rewards for these surveys reflect the length of time required to complete, and range generally between 10 to 50 cents or more. Users from the USA, UK and other English speaking countries can normally expect to find an unlimited number of surveys to complete each day, with daily earnings up to $20 quite possible.

Offerwalls and Mobile Apps

There are a number of offerwalls in Cointiply that pay users for using and testing mobile apps and games. A lot of these offers can take up to two weeks to complete, and sometimes require the user to contact support to get validation upon completion, but payments are high for these so if you enjoy playing mobile games these might be for you.

Watch Videos on Cointiply

Cointiply is also linked to a couple of video platforms that reward users for watching non-stop video streams. These can be quite lucrative especially for users who have a spare laptop to run the videos on. Remember that the rewards are earned for watching the ads in between the actual video content, so don’t have any ad blockers active.

Cointiply PTC Ads

The PTC ad section on Cointiply usually has around 20 PTC ads to view at any given time. These open in a separate browser tab and need to be viewed for several seconds to earn reward. Users are able to create their own PTC ads to gain referrals on other crypto sites. Creating PTC ads on Cointiply is a great way to get great, high converting traffic as users are keen to find and join other earning sites.

The Cointiply Multiplier Game

Cointiply also features a Multiplier game that allows users to gamble some coins with a chance to win big gains. Play with care though as it is also possible to lose your coins. While it can be exciting, the Multiplier game is not recommended unless you are willing to lose.

Cointiply Bonus Quests

There are a wide variety of Bonus Quests that reward users for consistent activity on the site. These bonuses are gained across several categories and must be claimed for the reward to be credited to your account.

Cointipoints and Booster Pods

In addition to the Bonus Quests, Cointiply has another bonus system where users earn “Cointipoints” for their activity on the site. These Cointipoints can be used to buy booster pods which increase the user’s earnings from surveys and offerwalls. The Cointipoint system can be found beneath the chat room on the Cointiply website.

Earn from Chat Rain

Cointiply users can earn a few coins each day from the chat rain feature. To use this feature, join the rain pool with the chat room open then increase your share by completing tasks on the website or app. Your share is calculated as a percentage, and will change as other users join the pool and also complete their own tasks. Rain drops when the blue raindrop icon is full, which takes genrally 30 to 45 minutes. There is no need to post messages in the chat room to earn the rain coins but you will need to rejoin the pool again after each rain payout in order to qualify for the next.

Earn interest on your Cointiply balance

Cointiply pays 5% interest per annum on balances over 35,000 coins. This is calculated daily and paid weekly but you must activate the feature in your account settings first.

Direct withdrawals to your crypto wallet

Your earnings on Cointiply are stored as “coins”, with 10,000 coins equalling $1US. Do not be surprised if the BTC value of your balance changes from time to time – it is tied to the current Bitcoin price so can fluctuate. Cointiply pays direct to your BTC, DOGE, LTC or DASH wallet. Your first withdrawal may take up to 72 hours to allow the staff to check your activity. Subsequent payments are usually faster, around 24 hours for BTC and a bit less for the other coins.


After several years using Cointiply it has proven to be a dependable crypto earnings platform that pays fairly for tasks and has many ways to earn. While primarily aimed at English-speaking countries it also provides a number of earning opportunities for users from other regions and nationalities. Security is ok, withdrawals are simple and reliable, and the community is supportive. It is quite possibly the world’s greatest crypto earnings platform. Click here to visit Cointiply.

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