Tron Faucet Review – TronPick

TronPick Review - Premium Tron Faucet with Games

This Tron Faucet review for TronPick is a deep dive into this free crypto faucet, and highlights the features that set it apart from others.

Introduction to TronPick – a Tron Faucet with a difference

Fauceteers around the world appreciate a good faucet for collecting small amounts of crypto currency on a regular and ongoing basis. Tron TRX, being a relatively cheap coin, is highly suitable for claiming from faucets, although decent Tron faucets can be hard to find. Some faucets make claiming a chore, and lack other earning options. TronPick takes the faucet claimer on a different path. With TronPick, you not only get the reliability of an hourly faucet claim, but you also get numerous inbuilt features to help increase your earnings. Let’s take a quick look at the key takeaways:

  1. Simple hourly faucet claim
  2. Level up system to increase faucet claim amount
  3. Surveys to earn extra Tron
  4. Chance and dice games to multiply your coins
  5. Weekly contests
  6. Generous referral system
  7. Security, Deposits and Withdrawals

Now let’s look at each of these in detail.

TronPick Hourly Tron Faucet Claim

TronPick offers a dependable manual claim faucet with a 1-hour timer that is standard for many faucets. Claiming requires the user to solve a standard captcha. There are no shortlinks or annoying popups getting in the way, and the claim process is easy. The initial claim amount of 0.005000 TRX is acceptable however not the highest as this rises as the user levels up.

The TronPick Level-up System

The TronPick faucet claim amount increases based on the user’s wagering history in the games you’ll find on the site. Every game played with a wager adds to your cumulative total, and works toward your level-up goal. There are eight levels and claim amounts step up gradually up to a maximum of 30 TRX per claim at the top level. That is a huge faucet claim so there a big incentive to wager in the games and level up.

Level Up System Activates Larger Faucet Claims
Level Up System Activates Larger Faucet Claims

Complete Surveys to Earn More Tron

An outstanding feature of TronPick is the ability to earn more coins from the online surveys available. Three of the most popular survey providers are presented on the site: CPX, TimeWall and BitLabs. Payout rates from the surveys are high and are credited directly to your balance. The survey providers also offer a range of web and mobile apps in addition to the surveys, so there is always something new to try.

Complete Surveys to Earn More Tron TRX
Complete Surveys to Earn More Tron TRX

TronPick – the Tron Faucet with Chance Games

Chance games are a sought after feature on faucets, and the games on TronPick are fun and high quality. They all use a “provably fair” system that guarantees fairness and accountability. Each player’s bet history is displayed directly below the game section on the page, so you can literally track every game roll. There are twelve games currently available on TronPick, most of which will look familiar to experienced faucet claimers. We will focus on the various aspects involved with the Dice Game, as it has the most complex features. The other games are similarly fun, and each can present the user with a range of challenges and rewards.

Play Games on Tronpick to Win TRX and Level Up
Play Games on Tronpick to Win TRX and Level Up

Dice Roll Game

The traditional Dice Roll game is fully-featured, with Manual, Auto and Strategy Modes to choose from. The Martingale (x2), Paroli, and D’Alembert strategies built into the system allow for a wide range of wagering choices and conditions to be set. Tweak the settings to suit your own liking and enjoy the results.

Settings and options for the Dice Game are presented in an intuitive and attractive user interface so the game is a pleasure to use and easy to understand. The user clicks a simple toggle to switch between modes.

Manual Mode

The manual option gives the user the chance to make one roll at a time, which can be useful if you want to try a one-off, high stakes roll.

Roll the Dice in Manual Mode to Win More TRX
Roll the Dice in Manual Mode to Win More TRX

Auto Mode

The Auto Roll option is suited to set-and-forget wagering that is useful for progressively leveling up.

Play the Dice Game in Auto Mode to Level Up Faster
Play the Dice Game in Auto Mode to Level Up Faster

Strategy Mode

The Strategy Mode allows greater flexibility and customisation, and is recommended for more experienced players.

Play the Dice Game in Strategy Mode on Tronpick
Play the Dice Game in Strategy Mode on Tronpick

Weekly Contests on TronPick

TronPick runs weekly contests for each user’s cumulative wagering totals and the cumulative wagering totals of their referrals. Entry into these contests is automatic, and prizes are decent, as seen in the image below.

Participate in Weekly Contests to Win Bonus Tron
Participate in Weekly Contests to Win Bonus Tron

TronPick Referral System

The referral system on TronPick is easy to use, and rewards users for bringing new people to the faucet. Users earn a small amount for each bet and faucet claim made by their referrals, as shown in the image below.

The Affiliate Referral Program on Tronpick is Generous with Detailed Stats
The Affiliate Referral Program on Tronpick is Generous with Detailed Stats

Security, Deposits and Withdrawals

Security is an important aspect of any crypto faucet, so TronPick takes this seriously. TronPick uses an email login and password system, with optional 2FA via authenticator that can be set up using a QR code. Make the most of the security features to keep your coins safe.


TronPick allows users to generate a Deposit Address which they can send funds to in order to play the games and level up faster. There is no minimum deposit amount, and a QR code is also available which makes it handy for mobile users.


Withdrawals are also easy to do on TronPick, with a minimum withdrawal of 15 TRX and a transaction fee of 0.02 TRX.

Payouts on Tronlink are Fast and Reliable with Great Support
Payouts on Tronlink are Fast and Reliable with Great Support


TronPick is a Tron Faucet with a Difference

Faucet collectors around the world are on a constant search for faucets that offer decent claim amounts, dependable payments, and a good range of extra features. TronPick delivers these features in bucketloads, so users are excited to keep claiming. The level-up faucet claim system provides claim amounts that increase with usage, which encourages loyalty. Online surveys provide ample opportunity for earning extra coins, and the games provide various methods to level up and increase claim amounts quickly. Backing all this up with a history of proven payments makes TronPick a tron faucet that truly stands out from the rest. Click here to visit Tronpick.

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